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Horse For Sale


Location: Waterford, Maine
Breed:Haflinger Color: Bay
Date Foaled:2002 Gender:Gelding
Current Height:13.0 HH

"Newfoundland Pony"

Price: $5000

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I am looking for the right partner for my Newfoundland pony gelding named, Fritz. He is 15 years old, about 13 hands with a strong stocky build and solid hooves. This pony is eager to learn, confident with new things and clever to figure anything out! He has been trained with Parelli's method of Natural Horsemanship in all 4 savvy's and is a LBI/LBE in horsenality. You name it and we have done it with this guy.
He enjoys driving as it was something new and exciting for him a couple years ago. We ground drive him, twitch logs out of the woods with him around running logging equipment, have him drag a stone boat, drive him around our wooden trails in the winter hooked to a sleigh, have drove him in a cart to the village a few times and have brought him to draft horse farm events at Common Ground fair etc. We have driven him with a pleasure harness as well as a collar working harness. He drives the same with a rope halter and featherlines as he does with a bridle that has or doesn't have blinders and stands quietly ground tied while being hooked.
He is a confident trail horse that has been trucked all over New England with organized trail rides and over night rides as well as a horse that confidently leaves the barn to go out for a ride alone. He is not bothered with traffic on busy roads, climbs mountains, rocky terrain, plays in lakes and rivers when given the chance etc etc.
For the past 5 summers Fritz has worked as a lesson horse at a girls summer camp in the Natural Horsemanship Program based on Parelli methods that I have managed/ran. There he teaches students the seven games online, some liberty work, trail riding with a group and w/t/c, jump, obstacle challenge etc etc. He is a fantastic partner for an advanced horsekid/women/man.... with that said being the smart/clever horse he is, Fritz gets board with giving lessons and will be one step ahead when he knows he can! My husband and I really enjoy Fritz but being a youth instructor it would make the most sense for all of my horses to be willing beginner to advance lesson horses which is not for all horses and surely not for Fritz! I have decided even though we enjoy Fritz that I would sell him if I found the right person that can stay one step ahead, keep life fun and challenging and give Fritz the partner he needs.
Fritz lives out in a pasture with 7 other horses right now. To bring him in I either call him up to the barn or walk out to the field were he will turn, face and come check me out as I ask. I normally jump on him bareback with a rope around him to ride him to the barn. You can also lead him from holding your hand under is chin, he moves to any pressure well. In his established herd he is no problem and actually always ends out being the low man however he does have "little man syndrome" and acts like a studly man introducing to a new horse/herd until he figures out oooh wait I'm just the low guy and any studliness he thought that he had is gone!!! He is a very easy keeper. We only give him a treat with his supplements/vitamins. He is out on pasture in the summer as I said and we feed round bales in the winter put into the field with big equipment which he is fine around and with.
Fritz has very solid hooves that do not need shoes and requires little trimming. He is healthy and sound- up to date on rabies, 3-way and coggins.

MOST IMPORTANT is to find the right match for this talented horse/pony! Please get a hold of me with any questions about Fritz. If he is what you are looking for and you believe you are the right match contact me about making the partnership between you happen!

For more information contact:

Colleen Winslow
Northern Heights Farm
211 Rice Road
Waterford, Maine 04088
Phone 207-583-2204

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