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Location: Cameron, Texas
Breed:Haflinger Color: Blonde
Date Foaled:January, 2000 Gender:Mare

"Austrian Imported Mare"

Price: $1500

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ARINA WULF (A CN 31166), Imported Registered Halflinger mare, #16323-00. DOB 1-25-2000, chestnut, 59" tall, nice big imported mare, trained to ride and drive single and double, DNA tested. ID#: 00-201-7fe1, T/H brand. She is the first one to greet you in the pasture and is easy to catch. Proven brood mare, the last photo is of him. Harness is not included in her sales price but for sale separately for $600.00: biothane, Amish made, 2-strap farm harness; stainless steel hames, clips, heel chains an all fittings; collar and single lines included. Arina has a bit of spunk and our teenage daughter mostly handles her, she is not for a first time driver or rider but for someone that is more of an intermediate. Arina went on a trail ride in mixed company, in th rain, up and down gullies and was well behaved, but alert she spotted two armadillos on the ride and snorted at them as they scuttled out of her path. Arina may have had some dressage training in the past as she will drop down 'on the bit' and leg yield. She has SCC - and is a candidate for the surgery with Dr. Valone at TAMU. Arina does not belong to us but we are helping to place her; if you like, we can help connect you to Dr. Valone to remove the SCC from the corner of her eyes. We have completed the SCC removal on another Haflinger from this herd with great success, the cost was ~$1,500 with the surgery, 2 follow ups and 10 days of ointment in the eye after each  of the surgeries. Well worth the investment in a nice horse. UC Davis ran the genetic test for SCC on Arina and she has a 50% chance of passing this on to an offspring. She is a proven breeder.  If you are interested in Arina or any of the other Haflingers for sale from this herd, please contact us and we will be happy to show them to you. We have many farm animals and farm items for sale on our website,


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For more information contact:

Ben & Alysha Godfrey
Sand Creek Farm
1552 CR 267
Cameron, Texas 76520
Phone 254-627-0698

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